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Sep 23, 2020
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During my undergraduate days, I remember I was extremely enthusiastic to be at the top of the class at all times and present the best kind of dissertation ever. In fact, when it was time to start the research process and conjure up a topic for yourself, I was way ahead of my classmates. However, fate usually has other plans for you and anything can happen at any point of your life. When I was done with my dissertation, I made the mistake of using a free online plagiarism checker since I did not have access to a premium one. Little did I know, the website saved my content! When my teachers checked my dissertation, the plagiarism count was over 90%! It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I explained the situation to them and they gave me a few days to prove myself otherwise risk disqualification. A friend recommended that I have my dissertation corrected from a service that used a premium plagiarism checker. Part of their dissertation help was also proofreading and editing dissertations as well as providing consultancy to students. They explained all the technicalities to me and provided me a proper report, which stated only 3% plagiarism and hence, saved me from failing!
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