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The Hidden Gems of Wild Tripura - 51 butterfly species recorded for the first time in the state.

3rd March, 2021

The natural history record books of Tripura are all set to be written afresh, as 21 genera and 51 new species of butterflies have been added to the existing records of the butterfly fauna of Tripura. 
This feat has been achieved by none other than Shri Suman Bhowmik, Head of the Division, Lepidoptera Conservation and Research Division of Wild Tripura Foundation, who played a pivotal role in the recent rediscovery of the looped three-ring butterfly (Ypthima watsoni) from the Jampui Hills of Tripura in the year 2019. 
Shri Bhowmik is one of the most accomplished Lepidoptera researchers of the state, and this recent publication of the 51 new butterflies from Tripura is yet another milestone in his illustrious career. Based on extensive surveys for 5 years in different parts of North Tripura, this 51 newly recorded species belonging to 41 genera have increased the number of butterflies known from Tripura by a whopping 20.90%.  
The North-Eastern region of India is well known for its rich biodiversity and this statement has been further reinforced by these recent findings.  This is indeed a proud moment for the whole team of Wild Tripura Foundation and also the state of Tripura as a whole.  His tireless efforts in this field will surely result in more discoveries and new records from the state in near future, which will continuously enrich the knowledge regarding the rich biodiversity of Tripura.

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