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Big Butterfly Month 2023

Big Butterfly Month is a citizen science initiative dedicated to celebrating and conserving butterflies. Our mission is to unite butterfly enthusiasts, students, families, and nature lovers in contributing valuable data that enhances our understanding of these delicate wonders of nature. By participating in butterfly walks, submitting observations, and engaging in various activities, you become an integral part of our journey to safeguard butterflies and their habitats.

Citizen scientists can upload their observations and engage with experts and fellow enthusiasts. This process empowers contributors, offering feedback and guidance to hone butterfly identification skills and build confidence. The platforms also serve as valuable learning tools, inspiring individuals to actively participate in butterfly conservation initiatives and nurturing a deeper appreciation for these magnificent creatures.

This year Wild Tripura Foundation Partnered with Team BBM to engage citizen scientists of the state of Tripura to observe and document butterflies thorughout the month by butterfly walks, and will also organise awareness events and promotional activities to engage a larger number of citizen in this noble effort.

BBM Butterfly Walk/ count events:

10/9/23 Rowa WLS, North Tripura

10/9/23 Sepahijala Zoological Park,West Tripura

10/9/23 Ishanchandranagar, West Tripura

10/9/23 Kalapania Nature Park, South Tripura

10/9/23 Dhananjay Eco Park, South Tripura

13/9/23 Ambassa Eco Park, Dhalai

17/9/23 Vangmun, Jampui Hills, North Tripura

17/9/23 Island Eco Park, South Tripura

18/9/23 Vangmun, Jampui Hills, North Tripura

20/9/23 Ambassa Eco Park, Dhalai
20/9/23 Baramura Eco Park, Khowai

24/9/23 Tepania Eco Park, Gomati Tripura
24/9/23 Unakoti Archaeological Site, Unakoti

Our members will be present at these locations for 30-60 minutes butterfly walk/count.
To know more or to participate, Whatsapp : 60333 93143
Email :

To Know more about Big Butterfly Month, Visit their official page 

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