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Birdwatching At Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

8th December 2018

Every year the first week of October (2nd to 8th) is celebrated all over India as the wildlife week. The main perspective of this celebration is to preserve the wild fauna of India and also to spread awareness regarding the same.
Tripura was no exception in observing the wildlife week. This year, as a part of the wildlife week celebration by the Tripura Forest Department, a bird watching trip was organised on 8th October, 2018, early morning, at sepahijala wildlife sanctuary by the Tripura Biodiversity Board in collaboration with Wild Tripura Foundation.
The Programme was headed by the PCCF, Additional PCCF and CWLW. The DCF, Tripura Biodiversity Board, DFO, Sepahijala District and The Wildlife Warden, Sepahijala Sanctuary also attended the program.
The trip involved familiarization of birds and bird watching among the college students from different colleges of Agartala, who were the main participants.
They took part in full enthusiasm and learned to identify different species of birds in the field. About 60 species of birds were reported by the 4 different group of students including some rarely sighted ones like the Grey headed fish eagle, Darter & Black baza. 
After the trip, there was an interaction session between the students and the DFO Sepahijala, DCF, Tribura Biodiversity Board, where the students shared their field experience. Their queries were answered and they learned several important aspects of wildlife from the experts.
The trip concluded at 12 noon after a brief walk in the Sepahijala zoo.
Wild Tripura Foundation would like to thank the officials of Tripura Forest Department and Tripura Biodiversity Board 
for their endless enthusiasm to make this event successful. We are also grateful to the staffs of sepahijala wildlife sanctuary for their hospitality and support throughout the event.

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