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Unakoti Nature Walk : 10th November 2019 


It is probably for the first time in Tripura, that an organised Nature walk to the pristine streams of Unakoti was conducted with an effort to raise awareness, and interest among the youth to explore and experience the essence of biodiversity and nature and to realize the need for conservation of the same for the future generations. Just after the sunrise, our ever enthusiastic participants from every nook and corner of the state have gathered at the Hills of Unakoti despite the bad weather conditions. They were fully prepared to experience the pebbles below their feet for the first time amidst the lush greenery and pristine streams of Unakoti. We express our Sincere Gratitude to Saurabh Biswas, Nihar Chandra Deb and Dr. Chiranjit Paul who not only teach but also inspire their students not just to learn but experience what they are learning. Such enthusiastic gathering was made possible only for their endless support. We are also thankful to our entire resource person team and organizers, who have made this event a memorable one for all of us with all their enthusiasm, experience, skill, and hard work. All possible efforts were made to keep the event Eco friendly. No single use plastics including any kind of disposable plastic bottles were used during the program .

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