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House Sparrow watch and count : Tripura 2019
20th-26th March 2019 

On the occassion of World Sparrow Day  Wild Tripura Foundation is going to conduct a state wide backyard sparrow count. Sparrows are undoubtedly the most common household bird in every part of Tripura and anybody who is willing and  identify house sparrow can participate in this simple point count.


How to count:

>Familiarise yourself with house sparrows (for identification)

>observation can be done any day/everyday from 20th to 26th March 2019.

>Please do not make repeated observation at the same location more than once.  

>Download field observation record sheet and print. Please use new sheet for each location.  


>select a suitable area/location where you can observe and count house sparrow

>select points within the area (Example Point A, Point B Etc). 

>Point should be 15-20 meter radius in size.

>Observe for a maximum of 10 minutes in each point, preferably in the morning, count and record all 
individuals observed. 

>Try to avoid repeat counting of the same individuals or as far as possible. 

>Do not visit or count at any point more than once

>Record additional information like number of nests(complete/incomplete), type of nest,  any threats etc. 

>upload your data in our form or pre-formatted excel data sheet, and send to

>Form Link:

For submitting Single Location count data

>Please submit a new form for each location or day. 

>Excel Sheet link:

For submitting multiple location data at once.
(Not necessary if data is already submitted by forms) 

>Post your photographs of the event in our facebook group using #wtfsparrow2019

Or send us to 

>Last Date of submission of data 27-03-2019.

Cautions to be taken:

>Avoid bright coloured clothing during observation

>Always observe birds and nesting site from a safe distance to avoid disturbing the birds 
and their activities.

>Do not stay more than 10 minutes in a single point for counting. 

>Do not visit any point more than once.

>For any query, please contact us

N.B.: 1. No entry/registration fee is required to participate in this backyard sparrow count program.

2. An e-certificate of participation to each and every participants will be issued by Wild Tripura Foundation after successful completion of the program and submission of
data within due date.

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