Wildlife Week 2020

Photograpy Competition*

Essay Competition*


Essay Competition (All Catagories Combined)

First : Kartik Banik (kartikbanik***@gmail.com)
Second : Swarnabha Deb (shibanideb***@gmail.com)
Third : Alaka Shil (alakashi***@gmail.com)

Photography Competition (All Catagories Combined)

First : Abhijit Shil (abhijitshil8***@gmail.com)

Second : Nipanjan Baidya (nipanja***@gmail.com)

Joint Third : Sayan Roy (sayan96***@gmail.com)
Joint Third : Tamal Bhowmik (tamalbhowmik***@gmail.com)


Winners are requested to contact 70058 36434

on or after 30th October 2020 to collect award and certificate.

e-certificate of participation will be sent by email to all valid participants by 30th October 2020.

If e-certificate is not received through email by 30th October 2020 please contact us : event1wildtripura@gmail.com